Play 1v1: Pay the entry fee for your chosen Stadium and play a two-inning game against another team. If you win, you get more Trophies and Coins! Keep playing to unlock more Stadiums!

Batting Practice: A casual mode where you can get in some practice. Turn on Aim Assist to slow down pitches and find the sweet spot for each type of shot!

Home Run Derby: It's just you and the pitcher! Score as many Home Runs as you can with a limited number of pitches. The more you score, the better your prize!

Eliminator Event: Take on ten progressively tougher teams! If you lose once, you're outta there! The more opponents you beat, the better your prize!

Pennant Race: Hit the pitcher's balls back and aim for high-value panels! The higher the score you reach with the pitches available, the better your prize!