Clubs are a fun way to get together with other players and chat!

If you're not already in a Club, you can search for other Clubs to find one to join. Joining is free, but creating a Club costs Gems.

Club Members can have different roles:

Owner: Only one Owner can exist in a Club. The Owner runs the club, can edit Club settings. If the Owner wants to leave the Club, they need a Manager present to promote to Owner when they leave.

Manager: Only one Manager can exist in a Club. If the Owner wants to leave the Club, the Manager becomes the new Owner. The Manager assists the Owner with Promotions and Bans if needed.

Coach: Coaches can help Managers and Owners with Join requests and Invites. They can also Kick players.

Member: A standard player in a Club.

Clubs can have three Join settings:

Open: Anyone can join!

Private: Players can request to join your Club!

Invite Only: Only players you choose to invite can join your Club!