Box Office Tycoon is a movie theater management simulation.
As customers arrive to buy movie tickets, concessions, and enjoy other activities in the theater, you'll earn Cash. You'll need to spend money to make money, so invest Cash into your Theater Upgrades to increase how much Cash you rake in.

You can also invest in Managers. They allow your customers to be served twice as fast at their assigned Station, and have their own special Powers! Each manager has Preferences for different types of work, so be sure to assign them to their favorite type of Station to make it go even faster!

Unlock more Theaters and other activities once you can afford them. More activities for customers means more Cash!

Make sure to keep an eye on your theater to keep it as efficient as possible. As the theater gets more seats for more customers, you'll need to get more parking spots to accommodate them.
As customers start to visit faster, be sure to hire more cashiers and make room for them to serve more customers at once and keep them happy. Otherwise they might get upset and not engage in the theater's other activities, buy concessions, or they may leave!
Customers don't want to watch movies in dirty theaters either, so make sure you have enough cleaners and invest in supplies for them to quickly clean theaters.

Keep this flow going, and you'll be a Box Office pro in no time!