Managers are an important part of running a successful movie theater.
You can hire managers and assign them to work at each Station in your movie theater. The Manager you get is random every time you hire one.

All Managers will make the Station they work at go twice as fast. Each Manager also has preferences for different types of Stations, and assigning Managers to a Station that they prefer will make it even faster!

Managers also have powerful Boosts that can be activated to really get your movie theater going and make lots of Cash!

There are lots of Managers to hire. Most are common, though some are Rare, and some are even Legendary! Rare Managers are better than common ones, and Legendary Managers are even better than Rare. Managers Level Up when you hire and get a duplicate of that manager, making their Boosts last even longer!
Be sure to hire lots and lots of Managers so you can get the exact ones that you want and increase their Level to maximize your theater's efficiency!